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I was raised by Grandparents in the country on a small farm in Texas and spent some time with my Dad working on ranches and going to rodeos.

My Dad and I always wanted a ranch of our own, but at age thirteen my Grandfather died, my Dad got another family of his own and by fifteen I was on my own.

Through my life struggles, I always kept the ranch as my goal in life. But in Texas, I eventually figured out, that wasn't going to happen. I could never "get up" and if it looked like I was going to, I was kicked back down. I finally moved to Florida and worked for a trucking transport company seven years, driving a truck and saving my money. I managed to save enough money to buy my own truck. Eventually, business started going down hill and I sold out and started looking for a place to retire, that was affordable, to build a small cattle ranch.

I had married years ago and divorced. I saw my children going through the same life of hopelessness and dead ends that I had and knew that another country was their only hope. So, I read a book entitled, "How to Disappear and Hide Your Assets." That book told me about different countries you could live in.

I set out for Honduras! This book tells what I found. So Come On; ENJOY THE RIDE!

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